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WatchSeries - Your main source of tv shows
WatchSeries is the best place where you can watch all your favorite movies and series online for free in the highest quality that you've ever seen on a streaming site. This platform is very easy to use and even somebody who never visited a streaming site before can easily figure out how WatchSeries works without even looking at the how to watch tutorial. Our interface is very friendly, intuitive, modern and clean, a very important advantage that makes our platform to be number one.

The story of WatchSeries
WatchSeries is now older than 10 years. We don't know if this sounds a lot or not to you, but we honestly tell you and you can check by yourself: today there are not so many sites as old as ours, in fact just a few of them resisted such a long time. Keeping alive a big streaming site is very hard and there are so many problems that occur everyday and you have to deal with all of them in order to keep the website online up and running. WatchSeries has been created from our passion for the online streaming. We always wanted to offer high quality movies and series to visitors from all around the world.

WatchSeries in the present
WatchSeries is now one of the most popular streaming sites in the world, after more than a decade of hard work, passion and struggle. We managed to solve all the inconveniences along all these years and now we are happy to see that millions of people are visiting this free streaming platform every month in order to watch the latest movies and series online hd without registration. We are only doing this work because it's our passion and it's satisfying to see that people enjoy our work.

Big database of movies and tv series
After years of hard work, we can say that the collection of WatchSeries is finally complete, including 15.000 movies in high quality with subtitles, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes. This is a huge amount and you can watch all the productions for free. WatchSeries, as the name suggests, initially started as a streaming website focused only on tv series but then we decided it's time to also publish movies and that's what we successfully did. Now the fans of our website can enjoy the biggest variety of movies and episodes from the whole internet.

Completely free and legal website
Some people asked us a few questions about the legality and safety of WatchSeries and we are proud to say that this streaming website is completely legit and you won't have any problems for watching movies here. None of our tens of thousands of movies and episodes is hosted on our own servers, we just took all the mirror links and embed video players from a non-affiliate third party who is doing this job on his own responsibility so we don't deal with any problems related to the hosting of the video files.

Daily new episodes and movies
As many visitors said, the biggest advantage of WatchSeries is the latest news section where you can get free access with just a few clicks to the newest episodes and movies sorted by the release day. We know how important is for the series enthusiasts to watch the latest episode as fast as possible and that's why we are working 24/7 to publish the newest productions just a few minutes after the official release from television. Our advanced system makes us able to add new content so fast so you can be the first one of your friends who watch the latest movies and series online free if you stay tuned to WatchSeries.

Only high quality content
On our free streaming website, the main focus was on the quality of the video files ever since the beginning. We know this is a really important factor because nobody wants to watch low quality videos in 2020. Even if we sometimes have to spend a few hours searching for the best quality version of just one movie or episode, it is definitely worth it because we can proudly say that WatchSeries is offering Full HD movies and series and it's a better quality than everywhere else.